Hertz trip – 11th year!


bullet points: (update later)

BYO towels – finally figured it out 11 years later

Mel & Jean struggled w/ traffice again – this year it was a car fire on 95 near Lorton.  Found out too late to take detour.  Jose text msg. at Mexican restaurant

Marlo happy to find Not Your Father’s root beer at the liquor store near Ron’s house.  Bought a case – the consensus is that we all love it.

only 1 bathroom break on trip down – but traffic before Annapolis, so Ron/Mel used phone/GPS to re-route – major detour, saved a lot of time!  thankful for technology!

Jean the terrorist – she’s nice 1 minute, has a terroristic personality the next

Played some poker, Jose got mad b/c Mel kept verifying/asking what poker options were (in the end, Mel cleaned house!).  Waited for cab,

Tried Ropewalk – band too loud, no food from kitchen except wings & shrimp (?) – devoured!  No pizza open for dinner – made pasta at 2am at the house.

Saturday morning, Jose started drinking early.  After 3 drinks, it was time for a jog.  Jose joined Jean & Mel, and tried to convince us that he heard it’s actually better to have a drink before running – it gets your heart beating faster and you can run better.  Mel & Jean didn’t buy it, but were impressed that Jose could hold his own after a few drinks.  Aric arrived Saturday late morning (family obligation Fri. night)Harrison’s – Aric was the oyster virgin, oyster stew virgin, and the pickle shot virgin.  He was surprised that he liked both the oyster items, but didn’t enjoy the pickle shot – said it tasted like he cracked open the jar of pickles and just drank the juice.  yeah, that’s what it tastes like.

Cork bar – Billy incorrectly identified as Steve.  Aric took QUICK video.  Ron played $10 game to win a $2 bear for his daughters.  Ron/Jose/Jean/Mel went to the beach – water wasn’t cold – lifeguards kicked everyone out 60 seconds later.  Decided to move along w/ evening.  Home to clean up/pack up, Taylor’s for dinner, didn’t hit the road until 9pm.  This is the year that Jose and Jean ALMOST got together.  Maybe next year.




Annual whole family weekend!


July 28, 2015 – Tuesday
We picked up CJ and Henry after a frustrating ride there. The boys kept busy in the car with some travel activities I got for them (Magic 8 Ball was a big success).  We got to Cambridge for a short break, a picnic lunch, and some play time. After getting to the house, we unpacked and had to check on the turtles.  They were hungry! The highlight of the day was dinner at Dead Freddie’s in OC. CJ got a “slurpee” in a cool twisty container and Henry got a “shark attack” complete with a shark!.  The food is good and the playground the BEST!  We actually got to bed at a decent time after a fun game of Uno-Dare.

July 29, 2015 – Wednesday:
We spent a good amount of time at the OP beach today.  It was low tide, but the waves just kept coming and coming.  The pool was a good alternative for a while, then off to the Boardwalk.  CJ went on the wildest ride (2X no less) called “freak out” ~ a well deserved name.  Henry went on a roller coaster himself, then a few more rides and some skee ball before having dinner at the house. Henry asked for a meatball, which is apparently unheard of but he ate it and liked it. More games after dinner then to bed.  All of us were tired after a long day at the beach.

July 30, 2015 – Thursday
While I picked up the house a bit, Walt took the boys to the playground.  Janice arrived around 10:30 and after a bit of time visiting, we packed a lunch and went to Assateague in search of sand, water and most of all – horses! The “welcoming committee” was there ~ 2 brown horses at the entrance to the Park. Another day of somewhat rough waves, so we didn’t stay too long. We saw more horses on the way to check out the crabbing pier.  When we got home, Mel and Chloe (and Maggie) had just arrived and the pandemonium began :-)  We all went to Mackey’s for dinner. They have good food but the draw (for the kids) is eating outside in the sand, then going to a shallow area to find minnows and the remnants of some crabs.  It was getting pretty windy and dark, so we headed for the boardwalk.  CJ went on the “freak out” ride again – with Melanie.  Henry and Chloe found their own rides, then the rain came.  We went to the indoor arcade and once again played skee ball, but didn’t stay long as Janice had to leave and there was no sign of the rain letting up.  Chris and Beth (plus Riley and Tilly) arrived shortly after the boys went to bed, but they were sound asleep and didn’t even hear them.

July 31, 2015  Friday and a BLUE MOON
Walt worked (had to go to a client’s in Delaware to do her taxes). The rest of us went to the OP beach and as the past couple of days, the waves were coming in fast and furious.  We spent a lot of time at the pool there.  When we got home, it was “chill out time” for all as we were going to Assateague in the evening for a camp fire dinner and we needed to re-energize.  We got the shrimp, the others went ahead and Chris got the fire going.  Much like last year, there was a full moon (a blue moon), the weather was ideal, and Chris put on a great spread. In addition to the shrimp, we had salad, corn, a Caprese salad and of course, s’mores! It was another perfect beach night complete with (yearly) family pictures!

August 1, 2015  Saturday
Mel had a yoga/paddleboard session, so Walt and I took Chloe to the OP beach. The others got a later start (due to a stop at the Fractured Prune for doughnuts for their family), but found us despite a fairly crowded beach.  We brought lunch just in time for Mel to find us (in a more crowded beach by then) and to eat lunch. The rest of the Burgers went back to Mackey’s for their lunch. Chloe was more than happy to spend more time at the pool so we did that.  We all met up at the house and had some quiet time (and laundry time for the adults). We ate at home then went to Dumser’s for ice cream treats. Tom (next door) was going to show us the blue moon close-up with his fancy telescope, but it was too cloudy (too bad). But it was a fun day anyway!

August 2, 2015  Sunday
Walt and I left early in the morning to beat the traffic.   Everyone else stayed for the day and left late afternoon.



4th of July weekend – 2015


June 30,  2015 Tuesday
After leaving later than planned (that happens when you have to go back to get what you forgot),  it only took  3 1/4  hours to get here.  Taking Rte. 404 and making no “potty stops” made for the shorter trip.  Once unpacked, we went to Taylor’s for dinner, then watched the US Women’s World Cup Soccer semi-finals. US beat Germany 2-0 .  On to the finals this weekend!

July 1, 2015 Wednesday
Lazy morning then the usual trip to my “favorite” store to stock up on supplies and pantry type foods. Just regrouped and chilled out till everyone else arrives. Brian and Chloe got here earlier than Melanie and Maggie, but all were here for dinner. After some questions, Woods’ and crew were on their way later tonight too, which was good as Chloe was most anxious to see her buddies!

July 2, 2105  Thursday
Weather is looking iffy so Chloe practiced riding her 2-wheeler and Walt and Brian started power washing the house.  Chuck and the girls came by (Chuck’s job was to keep the girls busy while Lorraine and Stephanie and Andy worked on the details regarding the purchase of their new house). A trip to feed the turtles was cut short by pouring rain. After lunch, it cleared a bit so Brian and Walt could resume power washing and Melanie, Chloe, Kayla, Liana and Stephanie (who was on overload from house stuff) went to the Sports Pavilion pool.  During all this, the A/C guy was here for a check-up (and of course, needed repairs to the unit). Later in the afternoon it was time to rest and chill out, then dinner at home.  After dinner, the weather held out long enough for us to go to the go-cart place. I think it was my first time on a go cart!  Walt and I rode a double one, as did Brian and Chloe, while Melanie went on a single one.  Chloe loved it so much she went on the kiddie one herself.  The next track was curvier, and Walt and I opted to watch the others go on that one. With 2 tickets left, Chloe and I went on a Spinning-Bumper-car type ride.  Off to Dumser’s just as the rain started up again ~ we needed a treat :-)

July 3, 2015  Friday
We took advantage of a perfect beach day, as did many others.  The parking lot was full so Walt dropped us off and he parked at the Convention Center.  The Woods’ and Clements were there so the 3 girls had a great time playing together.  Brian enjoyed the beautiful weather by taking a bike ride around OP the development. When grilling hamburgers and hot dogs, we had to make a “slight adjustment” as we ran out of gas.  The indoor grill pan worked fine.  After dinner, Melanie tried a Pinterest recipe for cherry bombs to bring to Woods’ tomorrow. After MANY attempts, we called it a Pinterest fail! We now have lots of cherries – for both kids and adults, but no worry, there will be plenty of desserts at the Woods’ house!

July 4, 2015 Saturday
Looks like another July 4th washout as far as the weather goes. Melanie got a yoga-paddle class in but no meeting up at the beach as we had planned. The weather was just too icky.  Kayla and Liana came over after lunch to play and plan the evenings’ entertainment (at least one thing is always a hit on July 4th). The sun did come out late afternoon but by that time we were on our way to the Woods’.  The girls decorated their bikes and had a parade around the block. Andy smoked a pork butt for pulled pork and ribs for dinner. All very yummy! We met Steve, Megan’s boyfriend ~ he seems very nice and they both seem very enamored with each other!  After dinner the girls put on a dance (to Katy Perry’s “Firework” an appropriate title). They did a great job ~ every year they get better! After the yearly group picture (not easy without a tripod) the idea of fireworks was nixed as it started raining pretty hard again. Later we found out they had the fireworks at the park ~ can’t imagine there were very many people.  Maybe next year will be better!

July 05, 2015 Sunday
Melanie, Brian, and Chloe are leaving in the morning. Chloe and Grandma are sad about that :-(   Walt and Chuck are playing golf (only sad because the course was very challenging). Joanne stayed home (no car) to clean up, do laundry and chill out.  We declined Lorraine’s offer for dinner at their house and went to WalMart again  :-(   We decided we better eat something, so went to Outback.  It was just OK at best. The we watched the Women’s Soccer team win the World Cup ~ whoo-hoo!!

July 06, 2015  Monday
Did some preliminary packing up until it was time to meet up with Jack Sweeney (a client of Walt’s) so they could have lunch at the Yacht Club, then play golf. I drove Walt to meet up with Jack, then I took the car (2 days without one was unacceptable) and went to Floaters.  The traffic there was awful ~ guess everyone decided to leave Monday instead of Sunday night. I spent less time in the store than it took to get there!  I got some Christmas gifts for the grandkids, so it was a good trip.  I continued on, picked up a sub sandwich and ate it on the pier behind the Convention Center.  It was hot, but breezy, and the view was wonderful.  Then I went around to the West OC outlets to make a quick return and headed home.  I packed some more & napped a bit.  After Walt got home (Jack dropped him off) we went to DeNovo’s for a pizza dinner.  I finished packing most everything else ~ ready to leave tomorrow a.m.

July 07, 2015 Tuesday
For once, as easy trip home.  We even stopped for a longer lunch at Harris’ on Kent Narrows.  A busy but fun week ~ went by too fast.  Next trip will probably be the end of July with the boys.

Air Show weekend – 2015


Thursday 6/11/2015
We left from Reston after my doctors appointment about 3:00pm.  Bad idea – it took forever to get from Reston to Rte. 50 and the beltway.  We had dinner in Easton and arrived 8-ish.  It was a quiet night at home after long trip here.

Friday 6/12/2015
Usual morning here – coffee, breakfast, and newspaper.  I went to Floaters, the liquor store, and the West OC outlets.  Walt chilled out here and worked on ideas for a river cruise for us.  We tried to go to OP beach about 4 pm but saw traffic was stopped up on Rte. 90 bridge, so went to the Parke Community Center.  I swam and Walt worked on their computers.  It closed at 5 p.m. so we had early-ish dinner – we grilled tonight because tomorrow we’re supposed to have bad weather.

Saturday 6/13/2015
Decided NOT to go to 16th St. for air show but to OP beach instead. Traffic was bad getting there, but the parking lot was pretty empty.  We spent all day there – it was great weather and we saw a lot of planes from the air show anyway.  It never did storm.  We had dinner here.  We were noth tired from being in the sun 6+ hours!

Sunday 6/14/15
As we’re heading home, we can’t believe our bad luck – there is a big back up before the bridge because of the Bay Swim.  It took forever to get home – UGH!!!

Memorial Day – 2015


Wednesday – arrived 5’ish.  We just opened up the house and went to Denovo’s for dinner.

Thursday – It was a rainy day (later in the morning through the night).  We got groceries, did some cooking & cleaning.  We had dinner with Chuck & Lorraine at Carabas, then played Sequence afterwards (the guys won by 2).
Friday – Walt & Chuck played golf in the morning.  Lorriane & I went to Berlin and bought hats for the sun.  We had lunch at a new’ish Italian place – where the food was good, the service was poor.  I made slush, Mel and Chloe arrived, and we had dinner here – pork loin with melted cheese on top… yummy!
Saturday – we were off to the OP beach – 1st official day of summer!  There were hordes of kids at Seacrets – we’ve never seen the line go so far down the street!  But OP beach not too crowded, thankfully.  The packed down a nice path over the dunes, which made for much easier walking!  The Woods & crew met up with us at the beach later – we all had lunch there.  The kids tried feeding the turtles again – they still were not there (too cold early in the season???).  Mel made chicken dinner, we had Dumsers for dessert, and played “Trouble” and “Spot it” games before bedtime.
Sunday – The kids went fishing at the turtle pond, supervised and encouraged by Chuck.  Kayla caught 2 – Chloe & Liana none, but had fun running around.  We realized that there is a very direct relationship to the patience of a fisher-girl and the results of her efforts!  Age 10 versus age 6 makes a big difference, too ;).  The OP beach was lots more crowded – we surprisingly found a parking spot on the street & took it.  49th St. doesn’t have the nice path to beach, though, like 50th St. does.  Note to self – cross the dunes at 50th Street!  We stayed most of the afternoon.  We enjoyed dinner at Woods’ – where the girls put on a “Memorial Day” show.
Monday – Mel & Chloe went home early :(  It’s a nice day – we’ll go to the beach and leave tonight.