Our Beach House Visitors Blog – 2014

14 thoughts on “Our Beach House Visitors Blog – 2014

  1. April 12 – 15, 2014

    First trip to the beach house in 2014! Brian, Mel, Chloe, and Maggie came down Thursday evening. It was a quick 3 hour trip – Brian’s faster driving results in a faster trip here, but it also resulted in getting pulled over by Maryland State Police this time! We were only a mile from the Racetrack Road exit on Rt. 90. Of course, Brian’s get-out-of-jail-free card worked, so the stop didn’t cost us any time, aggravation, or anything else.

    Sunday was a very windy day, which turned Brian around only about 2 miles into his bike ride. So instead, he joined “the girls” at the beach! :) It was cool and windy at the beach,and pants/sweatshirts were warranted. Maggie had an absolute blast, and cracked us up as she dug intensely in the sand. Chloe dug holes in the sand with her shovel, and we only lasted about an hour and a half (Brian left about half way through to go grocery shopping – he only had shorts/t-shirt and it was cold. It was great to have him hang for a bit!). Maggie loved running on the beach, chasing the ball, and being a puppy. Only 1 turtle was out and hungry today (Grandpa turtle), but a Grandma and Grandpa goose were there and hungry for a snack of turtle food – so they got most of the stash. We had pizza at Piezano’s for dinner (on the boardwalk), and a funnel cake for dessert. Yummy, but note to self… don’t do that again… felt stuffed and gross for hours.

  2. I made a quick 1-day trip here – really just for some general housekeeping items, prep for spring/summer season, and went to the driving range.

  3. OC half marathon weekend! The gang arrived in spurts – all in all we had a full house! Mel, Brian, Chloe, Jen, Jake, Leah, Matthew, Rick, and Jose all joined in the fun! At packet pickup on Friday, we felt obligated to take the kids to the “beach” even though it was cold and windy.

    We figured we’d make it a quick trip, let them run in the sand for a few minutes, and continue on with our evening. The kids were flirting with the waves rolling in, and before you know it, Leah got smacked down by a wave and was soaking wet!

    We decided it was definitely time to leave then! We enjoyed a quiet evening at home with pasta dinner, a few beers, and some laughs while playing Cards Against Humanity.

    Saturday morning was cool to start. The lines for the bus from the Inlet to Assateague were long, and it was clear they wouldn’t be able to start the race on time. Once at Assateague, the chaos continued – with no bathrooms, no trash cans, no direction. We lost Jose at Assateague. Jake and Rick started near the front of the pack, while Jen and I hung in the middle. It turned into a beautiful day, and running the route “backwards” (versus years past where they started in OC and ended at Assateague) was easier on how packed the route was for runners. Car drivers had a different story, I’m sure. Once we crossed over the Rt. 50 bridge and got on the boardwalk, it was a teaser that we had to turn NORTH and run several blocks, before u-turning it back south to the finish line. In the end, Rick, Jose, and Jake all made it in under 2 hours – which is amazing! Especially since it was Jose and Rick’s first half marathon! Mel and Jen came in at 2:17 and 2:20 (a personal best!).

    Mel, Brian, & Chloe had to pack it up and leave as Carolyn’s rehearsal dinner is tonight in New Jersey! The rest of the crew packed up and left also. We had a good time (if you can call running 13.1 miles good!) in a fun environment, with good friends. How much more can you ask? Well, maybe just getting together with friends and ditching the run?!?! :) What a great way to end my half-marathon days!!!

  4. Chloe, Maggie, and I came to the beach Thursday for (a shortened) Memorial Day weekend. The weather reports kept calling for strong storms. The sky was dark and the wind was really picking up. I knew it was coming, so as soon as we arrived, I quickly took everything out of the car and put it in a pile in the garage. I moved the car over, knowing Mom and Dad would be coming later in the evening. Not even a minute after moving the car, the skies opened up and it began down pouring. It then started hailing – the small ice pieces of ice bouncing off the pavement, and with the winds, the hail pieces came flying into the garage – all the way back to where the stairs are! And just as quickly as it came, it was gone. Weird. Thankfully, Friday was beautiful (see Mom’s post below).

  5. HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY 2014 – First day of “official” summer at the beach.

    Thursday: Mel & Chloe came after Chloe’s preschool graduation. Walt & I left after dinner and arrived around 11:15. Unpacking and making the bed were all we did!

    Friday: After a not-too-lazy morning we went to Assateague to get a yearly pass and get some beach time. It was great – the weather was wonderful (not like last night – see Mel’s story above). The beach was empty, there was a cool breeze and warm sun. Megan Woods joined us after a while.

    We left reluctantly for lunch here, some shopping, and some house details (selling house in Chantilly – luckily Lorraine is friend, neighbor is 2 places, and our real estate agent! On a trip to the mailbox, Walt & Chloe ran into Megan, Stephanie, Kayla, and Liana. So, skip the mail and off to see the turltes – complete with a lesson from a fisherman. Meanwhile Mel & I made dinner, then a quiet evening.

    Saturday: A special treat this a.m. – Chloe planned a surprise – breakfast for Walt & I (with help from Mel driving). Then Mel went to Fager’s for yoga and we went to the beach. Met up with Woods’ @ OP Beach Club.

    Home and getting ready for the “girls” to leave for NJ. Lorraine getting finalized details about home sale. And we’re off…

    Sunday: Walt played golf with Chuck and Jonathan.

  6. Thursday – Sunday June 12-14, 2014

    Thursday, June 12 — Opening day of the World Cup (soccer) in Brazil:
    A rainy, long trip here (10:30-3:45) although stopped for a “real” lunch at Adams’ Rib, so that took some time. We checked out the newly opened Yacht Club for dinner. Food was fine, not great, not bad. They had a singer that was way too loud for any conversation. so we’d recommend seats towards the back of the room or outside. The club and pool are impressive – big improvement! No breakfast anymore, but Sunday Brunch ~ may check that out some time.

    Friday, June 13:
    Weather seemed a bit “iffy” but made it to the OP beach anyway. It was windy and a strong surf, but warm and sunny ~ a beautiful day. Had lunch there. We could hear the planes practicing for the Air Show tomorrow but it was too hazy to see them. Will have to wait for tomorrow and get closer to the staging area. Too bad Sue and Dave are on vacation in Iceland ~ we miss seeing them (and at that great location)! As the weather cleared we did see some practice runs. Left the beach around 3 p.m. ~ enough sun and noise from construction workers – yikes! They are repairing the fence around the dunes. After an expensive grocery shopping trip, had ribs here for dinner. No bad luck today, Friday the 13th :-)!

    Saturday, June 14:
    Decided to go to OP beach then maybe head towards inlet to watch the Thunderbirds’ performance at the Air Show. Once at OP, it was beautiful we decided to stay put. We were able to see much of the show anyway and certainly could see the Thunderbirds. Once the show was over, we left the beach and headed for home. We have Jonathan Bading’s (HS) Graduation party tomorrow and of course lots to do at the house (packing etc.). Will return for July 4th holiday.

  7. June 19-24th ~ Chris and Beth and boys were here for a nice 5 day vacation where they celebrated Chris’ birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Chris! They said they had a great time, including building a fire on Assateague at night. It was a good mini vacation for them and a nice treat for Chris’ birthday.

  8. Wednesday, July 2nd through Saturday, July 5th — 4th of July weekend!

    Wednesday July 2 2014:
    Hopefully a “Happy 4th”. It depends on what Hurricane Arthur will do-or not do! Brian, Chloe and Maggie arrived early so the house was cool by the time we arrived (it was 97 today-ugh!). Mel had to work her last day at TRR :-( so didn’t arrive until dinner time. We cooked chicken on the grill and had a quiet night until it was discovered at bedtime that “brown baby” was left at home ~ cause for drama! After Chloe suggested Brian go home and get her (idea nixed), she came up with a solution. So Mel and Brian went off to Walmart to get a “beach baby” who stays here. Chloe was asleep by the time they got back but was happy to have a baby to sleep with the rest of the time.

    Thursday July 3, 2014:
    Mel had a 9a.m. SUP yoga lesson, the glass guys were to arrive between 9 and 10 (they did surprisingly) so they could replace the window that cracked. Walt and Brian went to rent a tall ladder and spent most of the day power washing the house. I waited for the HVAC guy to come for the “spring” check up and finally it was time for the beach for Mel and Chloe. They met up with the Woods’ and the girls had a good time. It turned out to be a great beach day despite dire warnings of rain. I stayed home waiting for the HVAC to be done, then did some grocery shopping and got some things for our new house. After a traditional dinner of burgers and hot dogs, we had a quiet night and just got some things ready for tomorrow’s festivities.

    Friday July 4, 2014:
    Hurricane Arthur passed by but with lots of rain predicted so fireworks were cancelled. But the day turned out OK anyway. OP’s festivities were postponed to Saturday. The rain petered out, just cloudy then eventually got sunny and very nice. We went to the Woods’around 3 p.m. for some scooter decorating (Chloe’s first time on a scooter!), and a Burger-vs-Woods game of cornhole (surprisingly won by the Burger’s!). We were then treated to a yummy BBQ pork (compliments of Andy again!) dinner at Woods’, followed by a dance show by the girls and a fun (and funny) game of bingo (the Burgers were “hot” ~ Chloe and Walt were the winners!).

    The fireworks were postponed because of threat of weather – which ended up being mostly a false alarm. Ocean City re-scheduled them for Saturday, July 5th – which was the day Mel left (and it would have been a zoo anyways). Ocean Pines re-scheduled them for Sunday, July 6th – a date that none of us could make, so… no fireworks this year!

    Saturday July 5, 2014:
    Up early for all but Chloe. Walt and Chuck played golf, Brian went for a bike ride and Mel and I got everything ready to go to the beach (for whenever Chloe wakes up). We packed her breakfast ~ a “breakfast at the beach” special which she liked and it got us to the beach early-ish.

    Woods’ joined us soon after and the girls, once again, played well and had fun. It was an absolutely gorgeous day!We left early though (noon) in order to go to the OP festivities (postponed from yesterday).

    I bowed out and while home discovered we had no gas coming into the house :-( at all. Luckily someone was on duty and fixed the problem within a few hours. We packed up, cleaned up and had pizza from DeNovo’s. Until next time….

  9. Thursday July 31 through Monday, August 4th – Bike to the Beach (or not!) weekend and annual Balas/Heckert weekend!

    It was Bike to the Beach weekend – but Brian decided against B2B, so we just enjoyed our annual tradition w/ the Heckert & Balas crew!!!

    We all arrived Thursday. It was supposed to be a rainy and dreary weekend, but we figured we’d make the best of it anyways. It ended up better than we expected! The weekend activities consisted of beach time twice (with the Woods’/Clements’). One day we didn’t have faith in the weather and didn’t expect to hang at the beach for long before getting rained on, so we didn’t pack lunch. It turned out to be fine, so we ate at the beach club. All the kids had fun playing, making themselves into sand mermaids, finding sand crabs, and just had an overall blast at the beach.

    We made a few rainy-day plans and foolishly communicated them to the kiddos – when it ended up not raining, we were still committed to following up on our word! We played indoor mini golf (lesson learned – don’t waste time/money/energy in thinking that the adults can play, too, at least not when the kids are 2, 4, and 5 years old!). Christine hit a hole-in-one on the final hole and won a free game in the future (donated to the beach house).

    Also on the rainy-day agenda was that Mel and Christine took the kids to the Sports Core pool, so we had fun swimming indoors.

    We went to a festival on Saturday at White Horse Park, and checked out the fire station next door! The firemen were very nice to give us a little tour and talk about their equipment. The boys were in heaven!

    And a beach trip wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Dumsers!

    We value this weekend tradition so much, with such wonderful friends!

  10. Thursday Aug. 7, 2014:
    Mel and Chloe here early. We saw CJ at his sailing camp (he did GREAT) and had dinner with Janice and the rest of the Burgers (the only fun part of the trip). We got caught in awful traffic on the beltway, had to make a few stops ~ only got here at 10:30 p.m. – ugh! Needless to say, right to bed.

    Friday Aug. 8, 2014:
    Mel, Chloe and I went school-clothes shopping ~ got her some cute clothes and shoes. Then we went to Walmart to get school supplies ~ the highlight for Chloe :-). Went to OP beach late, therefore dinner was late too. While getting dinner ready, Chris, Beth and boys arrived. So, 5 adults, 3 children and 3 dogs will spend the weekend here. We’ll miss Brian ~ he would have made an even number!

    Saturday August 9, 2014:
    My unofficial birthday since we all will be together today but Mel and Chloe have to leave early tomorrow. Whatever time we are all together is cause for celebration. Sorry Brian had to work ~ we missed him.
    Mel had a SUP yoga class and met us at the OP beach. It was a great beach day ~ hot but low humidity.

    After a fun day at OP we had an even better Beach Night/Birthday celebration at Assateague. Chris and Beth had a great idea after doing this when they were here in June: steamed shrimp, caprese salad, corn salad and best of all S’MORES ~ cooked over a fire that Chris built on the beach!!! The kids played well, the weather was cool and dry and the moon was something out of the world (wish I could have gotten a picture of it shining over the water ~a postcard shot).
    Then more perfection in the form of Birthday cupcakes and a performance by CJ, Chloe and Henry. Truly a memorable birthday!

    Sunday August 10, 2014:
    We were all up and out before 10 a.m. and on our way to the Yacht Club for a birthday brunch. We were pleasantly surprised after last years’ brunch. We then went to a playground nearby so the kids could play for a while. Mel and Chloe left :-( and the others went mini-golfing (Beth and I stayed here). We went to the OP beach late again ~ another warm and dry day (is this August???) then back to the house for a home made spaghetti and meatball dinner prepared by Beth and Chris. It’s fun celebrating a birthday for 2 days :-)

    Monday August 11, 2014:
    Walt and I went to Assateague early in the a.m.. Chris and Beth and boys arrived about 45 minutes later. Another great beach day, a bit warmer but breezy. Henry and I collected shells then it was time to brave the waves (them, not us)! We left around 11:30 to get ready to drive home. On the road early afternoon ~ the rest of the Burgers are staying on for a bit.

    A great weekend!

  11. Friday August 22, 2014:
    Left home early afternoon ~ a 4 hour drive now, especially since it started pouring in Cambridge and rained on and off the rest of the trip. We had hamburgers etc. with Woods’ and Moffit’s . After dinner we had a rousing game of Sequence. We ladies skunked the guys even though Chuck kept telling us the guys were ahead (Lorraine’s comment: we may be blondes, but we can count”).

    Saturday August 23, 2014:
    Another (very) breezy day at the beach, and rough surf as well. We met up with Woods and Moffits at the OP beach. Brought lunch there and stayed until mid afternoon. Did some grocery shopping and had the crew here for snacks then we ordered pizza from DeNovo’s. After dinner a grudge match of Sequence. This time the guys did better and ALMOST beat the ladies, but not quite!!!! Another fun evening with good friends!

    Sunday August 24, 2014:
    Will this wind ever let up? It was too windy to go to the beach ~ just hung around the house, cleaned the pantry and some drawers then started a cool jigsaw puzzle (“the beaches of Delmarva”). Woods and Moffits left late afternoon. We had dinner at home and watched TV.

    Monday August 25, 2014:
    We tried the new diner – Abi’s. Food was good (can’t really mess up eggs and/or pancakes) but place is real stark and on-the-cheap. Don’t think it will make it. We went to the OP beach around noon but didn’t bring lunch ~ ate there. A windy day with high waves ~ the life guards earned their paychecks today. Their whistles were blowing constantly trying to keep people safe from the strong rip currents. Ate dinner at home then Walt went to the race track and I worked on my jigsaw puzzle.

    Tuesday August 26, 2014:
    We had a lazy morning, then I dropped Walt off at the golf course and went to the West OC Outlets looking for shoes to fit my orthotics. That took forever ~ I hope they’ll be OK. I went on the the Children’s Book Garden store for a game for the grandkids. Couldn’t find anything but got card holders for them and a coloring project. On to my favorite store for a bunch of stuff for here and home. By that time it was almost time for Walt to call for a ride home. He enjoyed golfing although never kept score (maybe he’s onto something!) We ate in again and had a quiet night. Working on that gallon of Dumsers ice cream was the high light of the evening :-)

    Wednesday August 27, 2014:
    As usual, the weather people were predicting dire effects on the surf from Hurricane Christopal and as usual, they were wrong. There was a strong surf, but the waves weren’t as bad as the last two days. Bur we heard bad news ~ another drowning in OC when the life guards were not on duty. That’s the 3rd this year and 3 too many. All happened at night ~ what a shame. :-(
    After lunch we went to OP beach but didn’t stay too long. We invited Elaine here for dinner, so had to hit up Food Lion for a few last minute things. She seemed happy to have people to talk to and not have to make her own dinner! She didn’t stay too late. I started some laundry (want to do as much as possible before going home).

    Thursday August 28, 2014:
    After not hearing from tree people (branches over roof need trimming), Walt went in search of someone from Moore Companies who was working in the Parke. He found Russell who does work on the side. So he said he’d be by after 3:30 to give us an estimate. We went to the Maryland side of Assateague (closer and better bathrooms), had our lunch there and left in time to get back for the tree guy. Just as we were leaving, 3 ponies came trotting on the beach. Two of them hung together at the edge of the water, but another was hungry or just curious as to what people had in their bags. He checked out lots of bags but didn’t seem to find anything to his liking, at least not while we were still there. The tree branches got trimmed, we had dinner then went to Whitehead Park for OP’s Concert in the Park. We got there late, so didn’t know the group. It was billed as the Fabulous 50’s, but they sang 50’s, 60’s, 40’s and everything inbetween. They had pretty good voices for old guys (very old) but we weren’t crazy about the numbers they did. But it was a pleasant night to be outside for awhile. Mel called to tell us about Chloe’s K’indergarten Orientation (it went very well) ~ Chloe wishes school would start tomorrow! Now there’s enthusiasm!!

    Friday August 29, 2014:
    Another golfing day for Walt and shopping for me. I dropped him off around noon and headed to Fenwick to Floaters. It was fun looking but didn’t find much to buy (a card game for the kids and a crab butter dish for our new house). Got new flip flops from the surf shop on the way home. Did some “pre-organizing” until Walt called for a ride. I packed up some snacks and a beer for me and we went directly to the OP beach. Arrived just before the life guards were leaving for the day. We snacked and watched the waves (very relaxing) until it got chilly (still a bit windy). We then went to Taylor’s for a late dinner. Some more prep for leaving tomorrow laundry, etc), although we plan on one more day of beach time! It’s been a great week ~ wonderful weather, time spent with good friends and lots of R&R!! It will be tough leaving tomorrow :-(

  12. Our tenth annual beach trip. It was the original 3 (Mel, Marlo, Ron, & Jose) plus Jean. We met at the Mexican restaurant so that Jose could feel safe and calm. Marlo and Jose got there first and ordered drinks and food. Later came Mel and Jean. When it was time to meet Ron we paid the check. Mel paid nothing because she was the host and Jean paid nothing because she was cute. Unfortunately Marlo was neither.

    Marlo drove down. We went to Pickles and had dinner. Came back to house and all played poker (in the end, Jean cleaned house!). Jose spilled a minimum 4 drinks throughout the weekend. We need to patent mop shorts because as he was leaning down to wipe up spilled drinks he fell and wiped up much of the spill with his ultra absorbent shorts. Later the dry shorts would come in handy as Jose pushed entire draught Guinness beer onto Jean and himself while eating oysters at Harrison’s and having pickle shots.

    Mel rode the zipper for the first time, and decided that the 10th year trip would be the last year for the ride. We then walked the boardwalk and found our way back to the cork bar, where the girls summarized Jean’s trip this time: she was soaking up the compliments and soaking up the beer. There was much disappointment by all that Billy was not there, although the $24 bar tab helped ease the pain of missing Billy. The trip home was full of laughs and discussions of pink people.

  13. Oct. 9 – 13:
    In a departure from our usual August visit, Les and I headed to the beach in October. Scheduling – and twins! – necessitate the change. But we knew no matter what the season, we’d have a great time – and we did! We were thrilled to find out after we arrived that Melanie and Chloe were coming, too! Needless to say, fun ensued!
    The beach in October in the rain can be just as much fun as August in the sun. Other than NOT going to the beach to swim, we enjoyed the perpetually amazing hospitality and made the most of every minute and being able to spend time with my best friend is something I look forward to so much. Got spoiled last year, what with weddings and showers, etc.

    A trip to the bookstore with Chloe was great – especially enjoyed watching grandpa and Chloe play!

    Mel and Chloe did not accompany the rest of us to the casino where we signed up for ‘free money’ and at least I lost it all almost immediately! It was fun, though. The four of us seem to have fun no matter what.

    A visit to the beach wouldn’t be complete without some Skee-Ball, my personal favorite of all the games on any boardwalk. Chloe did a great job – very impressive! She is a joy to watch – always so engaged in what she’s doing and always doing her very best. Our dinner at the Dough Roller was followed by some absolutely delicious-as-always Dumser’s ice cream, a treat from Melanie.
    All in all, a fabulous time, as always. I’m sure there are lots of things I’m forgetting – oh, just remembered – Jo and I went to Walmart. I know, I know, how exciting could that possibly be??? But for someone who doesn’t live in close proximity to one, it’s a big deal!

    But most of all, it was just being together – reminiscing, laughing, catching up, (and, ok – drinking beer and wine) – and spending time with Chloe. Her stained glass coloring projects were amazing and the one with the giraffes that she did for Annie and Cora is up in their nursery window for them to enjoy. Merielle put it there as soon as we got home! She is such a sweet, loving child and a joy to be with, just like her mom.
    So forgive me if I’ve forgotten anything, which I most certainly did…looking forward to making more memories next year!

  14. Mom & Dad’s anniversary weekend!

    Saturday – Mel & Chloe drove down after Zac’s birthday party, so we didn’t arrive until after dinner. Just a quiet evening at the house.

    Sunday – We had a low-key day, working on putting finger prints on Christmas cards, and then went running a few errands. Chloe ran into the corner of a wall as she raced toward the bathroom. She was pretty proud of her battle wound. Grandpa, on the other hand, wasn’t feeling very proud (they were playing).

    It was VERY windy when the time came for the Winterfest of Lights/ Jingle Bell 5K.

    We braved it out, at least for part of it. The course had you go through the Winterfest of Lights displays, where the tram normally runs.

    When you loop back to the tent, the course would have taken us around the streets of OC, then back for another loop around the light displays. We decided that 1 loop was enough. We saw the lights at a much slower pace than you can see them on the tram, and got some fresh air and exercise. That was good enough to call it a night, enjoy some hot chocolate, and hit the road! Some of us have school and work the next day! ;)

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